photoTablinum: Marie Perrakis would underline her research to the discovery of the “Human Limits” set from the actual society. Her inspiration source for those paintings was the Zhan Yimou’s film: “the course of golden flower“. Her paintings evoke an introspective work done by the artist to fully understand the “human limitation”.
Angel Swing is an emotional play represented by warm colors as red and yellow tone, their twister  melting pot make an emotional ballet as like to express feeling that is imprisoned within us . this feeling wouldn’t  express a sentimental emotion but explain something that can’t find freedom in every human.
Limits is an art work that could evoke many suggenstions: dreams, play feelings, but if the work is observed with attention we could understand a metaphysical description of the emotional  limits. The dark background  is our unconscious and our soul where live all our thoughts, that are imprisoned in the cages. The cages are the personification of the limits that society places on individual preventing them from living in total freedom.

-What are the essential elements from which comes your inspiration to paint?

Everything  inspire me  from Picasso s words “ Art is the only lie that says the truth “ to secrets Pithagoras equations.

– What are the techniques of painting that you think are best suited to express your creativity?

Although my heart will always belong  to  oil on canvas I have no strict limits in media and  I m always ready to experiments on new tecnicks and materials.

– Painting to externalize emotions and feelings or paint to communicate to each other?

I paint like I breath or meditate to me  I think nothing just happens

– Reality or reflexion? What prevailed in defining your own poetry?

I think both. Although the abstract of my work might suggest the second

A moment or a meeting which formed a stimulus decisive for your career?

I can’t complain I had some very intense moments as a professional, some was just unforgettable and  enthusiastic  comments   from unknown ordinary  people that was touched from my work and would like to say so to me in an opening. But  the  personal letter to me  from her highness  the princess Sharline of Monaco who  honored me by saying that the portrait I paint  for her was magnificent and that she loved it was a special moment for me Also   my awards in two different years  I received in the historical salon  of Louvre in Paris from SNBA representing England Was offcorse an important moment in my career, A moment or a meeting which represent an important stimulus for your career.

– If you had to choose a color to represent you, what would be yours? Why do you  think is the most suitable for you?

If I was a color I surely would be  white that  has  all the colors in it and reflect  everything

Francesca Chiara Cassani

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